Fun and educational
apps for kids

Fun for Kids is a collection of fun and educational iPhone and iPad apps for kids and toddlers. Our apps consists of everything from picture books to puzzles and challenging mini games. There is no in app purchases and no third party advertisement. All our apps is available both for iPhone and iPad.

  • Fun for Kids - Puzzles

    Fun for Kids - Puzzles is a fun app for childrens and toddlers. With loads of puzzles, cute graphics and different difficulty levels, the child get to practice both problem solving and motor skills - all while having a blast. There is 4 types of puzzles and a total of over 40 fun and challenging puzzles that awaits the child.

  • Fun for Kids

    Fun for Kids is an app focused on children’s play and learning. It includes both a picture book with over 70 beautiful pictures, 13 jigsaw puzzles and two fun and stimulating games; Memo Match and "1 out of 4".

  • Fun for Kids - Christmas

    This is a christmas version of Fun for Kids with the same style as the original but with christmas content. Fun for Kids - Christmas is currently only available in Swedish.